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100% Area of coverage from the perforation patten of IX 600 SERIES


IX 600 Series equiped with "Full Height" Front & Rear Door where the "Full Height" Design did increased the total area of perforation pattern vs traditional top&plinth designed racking system.

In a traditional 42U "Top&Plinth Racking System" (figure 1.1), where "h" was the height of the perforation pattern. As you can see, "h" did not cover all "42U" height of the rack. No matter how much perforation % goes with the pattern, some of the area still can not be benefited with the perforation and still turn up in over heating problem.

But in (figure 2.1) - IX 600 Series Racking System, where "h" was the height of the perforation pattern and it has covered 100% AREA of the "42U Effecitive Height" of the rack. It gives air can passes through every single "U" of the racking system from the front. Also the "waved" design on the Front Door increase the total area of the perforation pattern to help better "breathing" = better "ventilation".

Figure 1.1 - NX 600 Series



Figure 2.1 - IX 600 Series





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