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Advantage on "Ultra-Width" Vertical Channel


In Experences....

Some time you may encounter a situation when you try to lay some cable within a 600mm wide cabinet. Due to the limited space of a 600mm width cabinet and the design of different cabinet, most of the time you can bearly lay some cables within the rack. (shown as figure 3.1) or you need to "flatten" the cable to accommodate the limited space.

Figure 3.1



By using the "Ultra-Width" Vertical Mounting Channel, it gives additional spaces between the side and interal (figure 3.2). It created a space with 38mm width which can earily holding a branch of cables. (figure 3.3)

This Design gives conviencent to both the user and engineer laying cables within the rack. Also, additional spaces gives extra area for ventilation. (figure 3.4)


Figure 3.2




Figure 3.3




Figure 3.4








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